Another vote for GISEco!

It is always nice when other people with you. Economist Henry Jacoby from the MIT Business School is also of the opinion it is very simple to stop climate change. The only thing one needs is a carbon tax. You can read the article or listen to the podcast at the NPR web page. Prof. Jacoby also argues that reducing carbon emissions – if done correctly – would have little or no negative impact on the economy.

Thus, it seems that essentially everyone agrees with our idea in principle. At least the first step of the plan, the introduction of a sustainability fee or a carbon tax, seems to be uncontroversial. We have even been in touch with oil executives who like the idea.

The question we need to ask ourselves is therefore why nothing is happening. How can it be that only reasonable solution to the problem, according to scientists, economists, business people, and oil executives, is “politically impossible”? The good news is that politics is made by people and nothing is really politically impossible. It might be difficult and require a lot of work, but it can always be done!

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2 Responses to Another vote for GISEco!

  1. davidwilson696186126 says:

    Yup, this sounds vaguely familiar to Canadians! Stephane Dion and the Liberals got creamed in the 2008 federal election on their Green Shift Plan that proposed a Carbon Tax. Good luck on that in the US…

  2. henriknordborg says:

    I agree that this will be tough. However — as Richard Feynman once put it — we cannot fool nature. It is not possible to stop global warming by only doing what is politically expedient. Current environmental policies are similar fighting the plague with aspirin: it does not solve the problem but it is easily affordable.

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