Making nightmares come true

A recent article in New Scientist contained an interesting graph, which I allow myself to include below: The graph shows the standard carbon emission scenarios used by the IPCC, ranging from very green to worst case. Unfortunately, another name for the worst case scenario is business as usual. According to the IGBP, the projected emissions in 2014 are slightly above the worst case scenario. In other words, the worst nightmares of climate researchers seem to underestimate the magnitude of the problem. I have also added two vertical dashed lines to the graph. My oldest son was born in 2000. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that he will be at the beginning of his professional career and perhaps staring a family in 2030 (first dashed line). He will be at the start of his retirement in 2065 (second dashed line). In order to prevent disastrous climate change, his generation will have to stop using fossil fuel completely. It will be a lot easier for them if we start lowering the emissions right now. There is no time to lose. We need a massive effort to  change society and develop new technologies.  We need a global carbon tax now!

By the way, I can warmly recommend the newest book by Naomi Klein:
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate.
She gets it!

Sleep well everyone,

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